Corporate and
Social Responsibility

Launer uses only the finest quality leathers in patterns and colours exclusive to us. Our entire production continues to be hand crafted in our own factory in England, which has been associated with leather goods since 1904.

Corporate and Social Responsibility through Sustainability

All leathers are sourced with due diligence using European calf skins which meet and are governed by EU legislation. Exotics are sourced from reputable tanneries whose import of skins from protected species are strictly governed by CITES.

The Launer factory is housed in a fine Edwardian building that spans 6,500 square feet, providing a spacious, light and welcoming environment. The focus of production is about remarkable quality and outstanding service, providing an unrivalled level you would expect from a world class prestige brand for more than 40 years.

Working Environment for Staff

The welfare of its workers has always been a key objective at Launer. We believe that staff have the right to be treated with the utmost respect and that their working environment should be a prosperous and a positive experience.

We are passionate about training and employing staff across all spectrums of the community and promote equality and diversity. It can take up to two years to fully train a member of staff to be fully immersed in the craft of Launer make and production.

It is with pride and acknowledgement that we have employed many craftspeople for decades, nurturing and encourage the very young and those that wish retrain in later life.

Each and every employee at Launer is integral to the success of the business and its continued pursuit of the highest standards.

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