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Our Sustainability Journey

Launer is an independently owned family business creating luxury leather goods since 1941 and a Royal Warrant holder since 1968 for the supply of handbags and leather goods to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It has been under its current ownership since 1981 and is recognised globally for its beautiful, iconic and timeless designs that endure through the journey of life, passed on as treasured heirlooms. They embody a sustainable approach by limiting the number of collections produced, all handcrafted in England with a repairable service.

Launer is a personal business with a commitment to nurturing, training and empowering their craftspeople. It’s a journey that they are committed to, encompassing cultural, social and manufacturing methods that retain the enduring quality of their creations whilst seeking to strive for sustainable improvements.

Our Key Goals

  • Our continuation to explore materials that represent an authentic alternative without compromise
  • Greater emphasis placed for a transparent and traceable journey for products supplied from tanneries partners
  • A significant reduction of our Carbon emissions
  • A paper-free environment at all Launer locations – offices, showroom and factory
  • Set new SBT’s in line with Planet Mark’s certification
  • Produce a Launer ESG report in 2025
  • To solely work with The Leather Working Group accredited suppliers

To own a Launer item is to own a leather product that has been part of a remarkable manufacturing journey with passion and dedication at the heart of the process from start to finish.

Every style is handmade, a process that requires skilled investment; one handbag alone can take up to eight hours on average to make.

Sustainability: A passionate approach

A journey that began back in the early 80’s when the company was bought by the current owner. They held the belief that there was an alternative approach to fast fashion manufactured abroad, one that celebrated timeless, beautiful products crafted using traditional methods in England. The brand already enjoyed an illustrious and fascinating heritage for fine leather goods supplied to Royalty and Society ladies and the vision was to uphold this coveted time-honoured approach and legacy.

Launer continued to employ artisans skilled in historic leather making methods to produce expertly made bags and small leather goods and accessories that could last a lifetime.

To this day, every item is handmade in their distinguished Grade II listed Edwardian building in the heart of Walsall, an area renowned for its leather manufacturing industry.

Sustainability through Slow fashion

The original pioneer of Slow Fashion with iconic seasonless handbags that stand the test of time. Styles created in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s continue to have contemporary appeal, season after season, beautifully reimagined using colour and leather finishes, demonstrating that beautiful design has long term appeal. This approach resonates with customers.

The Legacy Collection embodies the spirit of longevity featuring 7 of our most iconic handbags from the past five decades that are beloved heritage styles. Each one has a story and reflects the importance and beauty in design that transcend time and represent our detailed, fine leather craftsmanship.

Furthermore, all products at Launer are made to order, producing only what is needed, eliminating excess. All designs are sold at full price throughout the year, holding their value as investment pieces with a waiting list for the handbags. Every item is handcrafted and takes up to some weeks to create and then despatch Worldwide.

Sustainability Via our Repair Service

All Launer products are crafted to enjoy for a lifetime. Customers maintain them as keepsakes which become treasured mementos through the years and passed on down the generations.

Much loved bags and accessories enjoy a renewed lease of life with The Repair Service carried out by a dedicated team of leather craftspeople. By investing in repairs, the life of the designs are prolonged

Sustainability of production

All products are made to order, a unique business model, which eliminates stock and excess items housed in storage. Leather supplies and fittings are also kept to a minimum using only what is needed. This considered approach ensures that every style holds its value as it is crafted specifically to the requirements of customers and the materials used recently delivered.

We have adopted a policy that embraces virtually no waste by using surplus leather for all inner parts of small leather goods, handbag bases, gussets and straps. Every piece of leather must meet our rigorous quality inspection team’s approval before construction.

Sustainability of packaging

Packaging is an important aspect of our sustainable mission with much consideration has been given to responsible sourcing. Since 2023, all our packaging is now ‘FSA approved’, fully recyclable and where possible created from recycled materials. We use packaging in the most economical way whilst maintaining the integrity of the products.

New innovations have been integrated into our packaging range such as paper rope handles. We continue to work with our community of partners and suppliers to eliminate all plastic within Launer’s business operations.

Sustainability and The Royal Warrant

The granting of a Royal Warrant is one of the most prestigious accolades a British company can be awarded. For more than 50 years, Launer has held the warrant for handbags and small leather goods to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

To qualify and maintain a warrant for this unprecedented length of time a company must demonstrate a significant commitment and programme of sustainability in their approach, practices and policies from product, methods, sourcing and workforce.

Sustainability and Craftspeople

The heartbeat of Launer is their craftspeople – women and men with a passion and exceptional skill for crafting the remarkable leather goods that the brand is synonymous for. These valued skilled artisans take many months and even years to train with highly valued apprenticeships in the art of traditional leather making, a journey the company is committed to and all from the local area.

The ethos and culture reflects a diverse and inclusive collective community with the focus on encouragement, nurture and incentivisation. The pride each person feels in each finished piece which may be seen through the pictures customers send, on Royalty and dignitaries.

Planet Mark Accreditation – helping to reduce our Carbon footprint

An important step for Launer is the partnership with Planet Mark who, since 2013 has embarked on a mission to empower change for a brighter future.

This will help Launer reduce our carbon emissions with a transition to a net zero organisation. We can make the right and informed decisions and one which our customers will embrace.

We are setting our science-based targets (SBT’s) during this year’s accreditation period in line with meeting our total carbon reduction goal this year. SBT’s are targets adopted by companies to reduce emissions. They are considered SBTs if they are in line with what the most recent scientific research has established as necessary to achieve objectives.

Resources and Waste Management

We are taking significant steps, working with Planet Mark by controlling our consumption of natural resources both internally and with suppliers: water, gas and electricity. We  monitor the consumption of each one and dedicated to reduce all elements where possible.

We are also reducing our waste raw material products and making sure they are recycled, donated or reused. We also regularly check and update on the chemical legislations of products used during production and use only the most environmentally friendly alternatives.

Health and Safety

Launer has always placed paramount importance in the creation of a safe environment for our employees in all our business segments. We continuously work to improve our management of health and safety information.

Training and supervision is implemented to enable employees to avoid hazards and to positively promote the health and safety of everyone while at work.

Relevant employees are trained in first aid and fire evacuation procedures, with all safety equipment tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Biodiversity and Community

Launer is committed in our pursuit of diagnosing our impacts on biodiversity across our entire supply chain and further define our goals based on our SBT’S.

Our mission within our own Launer community is the continuation and retention of staff at all levels providing an environment for them to prosper, develop and excel. Launer colleagues are encouraged and presented with opportunities on a monthly basis as part of their ongoing mentor and development programme.

At Launer, the community at large in the local area is important and how we may best provide support. For some time, we have provided insight and materials to local community groups to enhance and further their craft and in some cases, introduce them to the tradition of leathercraft.

Alongside this, is a longstanding relationship with The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) that transforms the careers of aspiring crafts people by funding their training and education, creating pathways to excellence and strengthening the future of the UK’s craft sector. This charity is close to Launer’s own core values and the overall preservation of all British craft. Items such as the QEST Limited Edition Handbag have been made in partnership with the charity where a proportion of the proceeds are donated to QEST.

Launer is committed to furthering relationships with local charities and community groups in order to extend the knowledge of learning and craft in the UK.