Innovators of customisation

January Blues

Optimism and joy radiates with sky blue patent. It lends an understated refinement to handbags, ideal for winter wardrobes and beyond.


A peerless style with understated detailing that is the essence of irresistibility. The Encore has been garnering plaudits since it launched in 1996.


The Traviata is a legend, acclaimed for its structured silhouette, exquisite, handcrafted detail and signature twisted rope emblem. First introduced in 1989, it achieved International acclaim as the handbag of choice for Her Late Majesty The Queen.

This impeccable design transcends time remaining stylish and contemporary, the hallmark of a true investment piece.

It has been featured in films, illustrations, on cakes and in other guises resulting in its status as a style icon.


Immaculately proportioned with exquisite detail propels Anna into a handbag of stellar magnitude.

A scaled down version of the best selling Olympia, Anna stands at 19cm in height and is remarkably sleek with two interior divisions, a zipped and two open pockets and features refined double handles. A contemporary feel combined with an archive handwriting makes for timeless appeal.

The understated elegance of Anna is handcrafted by skilled artisans in England


Lisa, the indispensable day bag with its stunning silhouette, featuring double handles and zipped internal compartment.

It remains one of our most popular styles.