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The Inspirational edit for Royal Ascot

We present an edit of inspired bags that will ensure Race day style is on point. Every handbag is an elevated style statement to complement your Royal Ascot outfit in the most eloquent and elegant manner. From brights to pastels and soothing neutrals, we provide infinite choices, all handcrafted by one skilled artisan.


Emerald Green / Brilliant Rose

At 18.5cm in length, Iris is delightfully slight, displaying the coveted Launer hallmarks: structured silhouette, immaculate detail and signature twisted rope emblem. Timeless, stylish and an investment in British craftsmanship.

Suzannah London featuring the Paige dress in Van Gogh green.


Chrome Yellow / Brilliant Rose / Royal Blue

The Traviata is a legend, acclaimed for its structured silhouette, exquisite handcrafted detail and signature twisted rope emblem. This handbag icon was first introduced in 1989, achieving International status as the bag of choice for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

image: @stylensnitch.



The exquisite appeal of Viola lies in its petite form. A scaled down version of the iconic Traviata. Ultra luxurious, it's a style that captivates in an understated manner.


Pure White

The Traviata forms part of the distinguished Legacy Collection. This impeccable design transcends time remaining stylish and contemporary, the hallmark of a true investment piece. It has been featured in films, illustrations, on cakes and in other guises resulting in its recognition as a style icon.