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Our Blooming Lilac Edit

Capture the essence of wisteria as it thrives with our blooming edit. Recreate this fragrant purple flower with our summer capsule collection of captivating styles in the prettiest lilac tones. Effortless luxury for dreamy holiday looks.


Opt for elegance with our signature bag, The Traviata – it holds Royal significance, as a style favoured by The Queen and part of our Legacy Collection. Beautifully understated, its refined silhouette is so elegant, crafted by our skilled artisans.


A double handled, gold framed style that is perfectly proportioned with the Launer hallmark for exquisite understatement. The Jubilee exudes style and elegance with a spacious interior.


A handbag displaying the remarkable proportions associated with a Launer design. Truly, a modern handbag, yet timeless in its appeal and beauty. Finished in a sumptuous suede lining, in a colour of your choosing and an impressive leather plaque bearing the name of the bag.


A refined design of diminutive proportions that has a stylish allure. Our hallmark structured shape now sports a defined top handle that captives in the deepest Royal purple patent.